Homebirth 7" lathecut

Having started as a recording project to create a soundtrack to a book of prints, Homebirth is simply an Organ and Drum set played by Britta Anderson and Sam Molstad.  No frills, just tone and beats. This record was made from recordings left over from the production of their second tape.  The packaging is hand sewn, hand screened and folds in quarters around a square, polycarbonate, hand stamped, 7" lathe cut made in an edition of 20.

Visitor "IV" 8" lathe cut

This is the fourth release from what has been a band for sometimes a greater part of a year, most of a year not and then sometimes for only five days a year later. Visitor has been several people and several ideas.  This is the follow up in part to last years' tape release "III".  After adding and changing people, equipment, time and geographic placements; hours and hours of recordings were made toward the efforts for another tape.  When it all shakes out the tape is still to be made but these two sides (one session split in two halves) stand on there own as both a stark sound scape and amp fried fuzz plateau.  Two drummers, one oscillator, one guitar, some pedals and a bass.  This another addition to the world of swirled, looped and delay thickened space rock.  Individually lathe cut polycarbonate 8" comes packaged in a hand made 8"metallic on black harlequin checked card stock jacket in an unnumbered edition of 40.

Bloodwall "Four Songs"

It was a good idea at the time.  Set up some microphones and burn up two reels of tape.  The resulting four songs are what floated to the top or sank to the bottom from endless running of a drone synth under looped hollow body guitar lines.  These are the small versions of bigger ideas brought into reality as a genuine cassingle.  Produbbed C20 in an off white shell with gold imprint in a photo printed O-card.  $3.00 + shipping.